About Us

Maintaining and servicing your Apple computers can be an unwelcomed task. MC² Development Team specializes in professional support for Apple computers. We serve the Birmingham and Central Alabama region providing solutions to residential and commercial customers.

Our technicians are trained to provide you with professional service whether you have one computer or several, home or business. We provide on-site support as well as telephone support service.


About Us

Jason McCracken

Principal, President

After years studying history and philosophy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Jason’s world revolves around ideas. It’s no wonder he’s been an entrepreneur since he turned 25, owning some kind of business ever since; most of his business interests have been tech related since 2001. Currently, he and his business partner Chase Bryant run MC2. Jason also a founding partner in MobileTherm and Adelfos, companies developing hardware and software solutions across a number of platforms.

Jason has also turned his passion for travel and photography into a business opportunity. In 2013, Jason took a Safari to east Africa. In the years after, he created a tour company, Mwendo, leading safari tours throughout east-central Africa. His images from Africa are breathtaking.

In his free time (ha!), Jason is a volunteer firefighter and loves to paint, play the piano and spend time with his daughter.

Chase Bryant

Network Security Director, Principal

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Chase is an alumni of UAB. He learned his craft in computers the old-fashioned way — by hand. He began building computers as a kid, as you would expect for network gaming with friends. He ran the art department for a print lab, setting up computer workstations (both Windows and Mac) for artists and designers. He served time at the Apple store, doing basic tech work and sales. Moved into the repair department, where he worked for five years repairing every imaginable problem a Mac could suffer. It was there he met his business partner, Jason McCracken. They began collaborating on server projects and eventually Chase left Apple to help form MC2.

In his free time, Chase likes to put his hand in the dirt of his garden. He plays the occasional guitar and has been known to utter the occasional “Roll Tide.” He also had a brief, but highly successful, modeling career. Ask him about it.

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